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Custom Aircraft Roles: Setup
Custom Aircraft Roles: Setup
Learn how to create custom roles for access to aircraft profiles.
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The custom aircraft role feature allows an operation to define various access levels to aircraft profile features and apply to specific users/personnel. This guide will outline:

  • how to create a Custom Aircraft Role template; and

  • how to apply a Custom Aircraft Role template to a user / personnel 



Go to: My Company > Aircraft > Settings > Custom Roles

Click the Create button... 

  • Role Name: How the role will be titled and searchable when assigning to a user.

  • Description: Required field, to describe use cases and permission details.

  • Access Levels: Set for each section of the aircraft profile. 

Access Options

  • No Access: User is unable to see the area/information and will display a no access message.

  • Read Only: User is able to read the information, but may not edit.

  • Full Access: This access level provides full visibility and editing capabilities to the specific area within the aircraft profile. 

Example of areas listed as No Access for this user:

See also Custom Aircraft Roles: Permissions article, which details the access levels for each area.



Go to: My Company > Personnel
In the Aircraft Assignment area on the left hand side, click Add New.

Select the aircraft from the drop down menu and search for the role name to select.
Note: Only select one custom role per aircraft assignment.

Ref: M-A06

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