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Custom Aircraft Roles: Use Cases
Custom Aircraft Roles: Use Cases
Example use cases for the Custom Aircraft Roles feature.
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There are various use cases for creating Custom Roles related to aircraft access. This guide will outline some examples. This feature can be used when the user has either a Flight Crew License or Business User License in conjunction with other roles. To see how the access levels are granted in each area see Custom Aircraft Roles: Permissions.



Maintenance Manager

An operation is looking to provide the Maintenance Manager access only to the maintenance-related data for a specific aircraft, while hiding or restricting all other aircraft data, such as sales and finance information.

Areas Full Access is granted are Engines, Avionics Types, Emergency Equipment, Mx Integration, Discrepancies, Inspections, Job Cards and Aircraft Components.

When logged in with the Custom Maintenance Manager role, the user's perspective is as follows: 

Sales & Scheduling (Contract Manager) 

The operation is looking to provide access to all aircraft profiles, but only the aircraft photos, charter contracts and seller notes as this user is responsible for charter on the fleet. This Contract Manager's access can be completed by creating one role and applying the multiple tails and custom aircraft role to the personnel in their profile. 

Full Access has been granted to Photos, Contracts and Seller Notes. 

When logged in as the user, they are able to fully access Contracts, Seller Notes and Photos only while all other areas are either Read Only or offer no visibility at all. 

Finance Manager

The operation needs to provide the Finance Manager access to the aircraft profiles to manage aircraft credit cards and view aircraft expense policies. This personnel contains the standard Finance Manager role and a custom role called Finance Manager allowing for full access to credit cards and read only to the aircraft expense policies. 

When logged in the user has No Access to all other aircraft sections while they can Read-Only Expense Policies and create, edit, remove and inactivate the credit card details.

Read-Only to Expense Policies:

Full-Access to Credit Cards: 

Additional use cases for this feature are a Sales and Scheduling Agent or Pilot that needs access to the flight time configurations, a Pilot that has an A&P and the operation would like to grant additional maintenance visibility. The list goes on! 

Ref: M-A09

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