The Fuel Analysis report is available under: Reports > Operations > Flight Data Analysis Reports [box in upper right] > Fuel Analysis [select from drop down]. The report may also be limited by aircraft over a selected date range.
Note: If the report is not found / unavailable, please contact Avianis Support

This article will cover:

  • Use cases for the report;

  • How the Fuel Analysis report calculates; and

  • What information is required to enter in order to generate the report.



The Fuel Analysis report is used as an overview of fuel burn, fuel purchases, and fuel costs / savings. Information is pulled from the flight logs for trips of the aircraft select in the date range specified before launching the report. 

Example Fuel Analysis Report:



The Savings calculation is the difference between the listed retail price of fuel per gallon and the purchase price per gallon for the amount purchased. For the Savings to calculate, all the required information must be entered and saved.



For the report to generate correctly, the following fields of information are required:

  • Fuel Price (listed retail price per gal.), on the Trip page Overview 

  • Quantity, Amount (purchase price per gal.), and Total [calculated] of fuel on an Expense, associated with the Trip/Leg

  • Fuel Added and Fuel Burn [calculated with Fuel In / Fuel Out], from the Log page

Information Location Details

Trip [page] > Overview [tab] > Edit Leg [clicking on the airport blue text].
Enter the Fuel Price as the listed retail price per gallon. 

Trip > Expenses [tab] -or- Flight Log > Expenses [tab] -or- Finance > Expenses.
Enter the Quantity (gallons), Amount (purchase price per gallon).
Confirm the calculated Total. 

Trip [page] > Log.
Fuel Added (in gallons) and Fuel Burn, which may be automatically calculated after entering the Fuel In and Fuel Out. 

Ref: R-F01

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