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Aircraft Setup: Add Aircraft Engines and Components
Aircraft Setup: Add Aircraft Engines and Components
Create the aircraft engines and components for time tracking.
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Add engines and components to the aircraft, so then the times can track as flights occur. This guide outlines:

  • how to add engine types;

  • how to add an engine; and

  • how to add components to an aircraft

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  1. Access the Aircraft Profile

  2. Go to the 'Engine' section towards the bottom of the page.

  3. Click on the "Add/Edit Engine Types" link and then on the "Create" button in the popup window. Create as many engine types fleet-wide if necessary during this step.

4. Enter the engine name, set the Engine Category and click the "Save" button.

The engine category is connected to the following areas:

  • When pulling inspection items from the maintenance tracking providers and the item is set to a jet or propeller type, the inspection item applies the correct profile type engine or prop.

  • The integration identifies the corresponding engine position as inspection items are pulled in.

  • When times are sent to the maintenance tracking provider the engine category applies on the partners side.

Add Engines to Aircraft Profile

  1. Click the "Add New" button in the engines section of the profile

2. Enter the serial number, type, sequence, hours and/or Hobbs and cycles, make active and click "Save"

Add Aircraft Components

  1. Access the Aircraft Profile.

  2. Go to the 'Component' section towards the bottom of the page.

  3. Click Add New. The APU Component Type will auto-fill.

  4. Enter the Serial Number

  5. Choose whether you would like to log the time using the Totals (Default), or the Time Used.

    1. Totals: by taking the highest number entered on any flight log for that APU.

    2. Time Used: Users will add the hours/cycles entries from the logs. Avianis will then add that flight time to the baseline hours/cycles previously on the APU record itself to count the current time.

  6. Select "Save."

The hours and cycle fields are available for component hours and cycle off-sets. The highest value input in the flight log is the starting time.


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