Logging Hobbs Time
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Log Hobbs Times

  1. Access the Flight Log.

  2. Input the Hobbs Start and Hobbs End.

  3. Input all other applicable log data and click "Save." 

Hobbs Explained
The Out, Off, On and In times are independent from the Hobbs Start and Hobbs End time. Once engine hobbs times are input, the difference between the hobbs start and hobbs end will accrue toward the total engine hobbs time.

  1. Total Hours = Base airframe + flight logs (OOOI)

  2. Current HOBBS = Highest entry in flight log HOBBS time

  3. Engine Hobbs = engine baseline + HOBBS time added in flight log

  4. Total HOBBS = Current HOBBS + Baseline HOBBS

Ref: O-F02

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