The following items have been improved or added in this mobile update: 

Expense Category Search
Easily search for any expense category on a minimum of one character when creating an expense within a trip or from the My Expenses area of the mobile app. 

Record Save Indication
When saving, updating and removing records within a trip such as weight & balance, flight log, duty entry, expense, FRAT, discrepancy and events there will be an indication whether the record was saved or removed.

Flight Logging On and In Times
When saving a flight log, the app will now allow a user to leave the On and In time the same. This allows a pilot user the ability to save flight log data as it occurs rather than waiting for departure and arrival be complete. Input the Out and Off, leave the On and In the same and save the log in-flight. Once arrived at the destination enter the On and In. 

The following bugs have been resolved in this mobile update: 

Capture Log Time Setting
The Capture Log Time In option in a mobile users Settings now defaults to Zulu. It previously had no selection set and was referring to Local. A user can edit the setting to be Local if preferred. When a log is saved, the value input refers to this setting. If set to Local and local time is entered, the application coverts to Zulu for reporting. 

Downloading Trip Files
When downloading a file from within a trip such as a Trip Sheet, Flight Log, etc. various options will appear. All file types have the option to Print, Save to Files and Create a PDF. 

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