The following areas of the application have been updated: 


Currency Conversion on Quote Line Items

Quote line items, when created from Master Line Items, will consider the currency selected for the Master Line Item. To provide the correct currency conversion rate, it will refer to the date of the flight leg the quote line item is attached to against the effective dates of the available conversion rates within the account for that currency.

Flight Minimum Share Calculations

Within a Contract, the Owner Cost section now offers different Flight Minimum Share calculations. Previously, the application calculated the share calculation based only on block time. This update introduces the ability to set by flight time or calculation type. If 'calculation type' is set, it will automatically use the Quote calculation method (flight time or block time) for the Trip. 

Distance from Arrival (NM)

The Distance from Arrival (NM) calculation method is now available for Quote Master Line Items. This is a conditional line item based on the distance traveled to the arrival airport. When the distance from arrival parameters are met, the fee will be automatically applied to the Quote and calculated as the Amount ($) x Number of Passengers on the the leg(s) into the Arrival location (airport or country).
Note: The distance entered will be considered the greatest range the line item is applied. For example, entering '100' will apply the charge when the fight is 100 NM or less arriving into the specified airport. Then creating another Master Line Item with '1500' will apply when the flight is between 101-1500 NM.
*A prime use case is the Italian luxury tax (Salva Italia or Aero Taxi Tax).

The following bugs have been addressed:
Multiple TSA Watchlist Notifications
Duplicate expense in expense report warning
User role ability to change leg status
Hovering over icons on Schedule
Typo in Tasks Notification
Incomplete qualification items not flagging in Snapshot

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