All features in 2019: Release 5 are only applicable to Avianis companies/users subscribed to the flight following integration (FlightAware). For more information on this service and how to subscribe/setup, refer to: Flight Following: Setup.

New Operations Features with Flight Following:

  • Receive Out, Off, On, and In Times

  • Diversions

  • Map Overlays

  • FBO Arrival Notifications

  • Generate a Flight Tracking Link

  • Notification Emails 


OPERATIONS: Flight Following

Receive Out, Off, On, and In Times 

The Out, Off, On, and In (OOOI) times are able to auto-populate into the flight log with information provided by flight following. When enabled in the aircraft profile, the values display in the flight log as they occur. An indication displays so the user is aware the times auto-filled from the flight tracking integration. Further details can be found in: Flight Following: Setup


The real-time flight tracking integration now supports diversions. If a diversion takes place while the aircraft is en-route, the details are visible in the Operations Dashboard and the map. To understand more on diversions, refer to Flight Following: Tracking and Diversions

Map Overlays 

Various Map Overlays are available in the Fleet Map. Quickly view weather, Metars, TAFs, SIGMETs, AIRMETs, TFRs and more right within Avianis. Review the Map Overlay guide for the details.

FBO Arrival Notifications 

Keep the communication channels open by enabling the FBO Arrival notification feature! Whether you want them to occur on all flight legs for each arrival or enable for a specific arrival, this feature is available is available in the aircraft profile as a default setting or at the trip level. Refer to Flight Following: Notifications to read more.

Create a link to provide to your customers. This allows individuals the ability to track the flight while its enroute. Once the flight has arrived, the tracking URL will expire. Flight Following: Notifications contains more details on this feature.

Notification Emails

Each movement notification will include a URL, so the recipient can flight follow. Here is an example of a departure email notification. The URL is active during the flight and once the aircraft has landed, the link is no longer valid. Flight Following: Notifications

Subject: N282AK departed Tampa enroute to Seattle
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Pulls from Company Profile

N282AK departed from Tampa (Tampa International) at 18:09 and is estimated to arrive in Seattle (Seattle Tacoma International) at 21:07 local time.
Flight Tracking URL:

AIRCRAFT N282AK (Boeing 737)TIME ENROUTE 05:58

DEPARTED Tampa KTPA 8/1/2019  6:09 PM 18:09
ESTIMATED ARRIVAL Seattle KSEA  8/1/2019  9:07 PM 21:07

CREW: Kurt Earhart - PIC, Terry Kittyhawk - SIC
PASSENGERS [Blank if not Listed on Manifest]

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