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Flight Following: OOOI Times
Flight Following: OOOI Times
Receive OOOI Times
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Once flight following (FlightAware) has been setup and enabled for an aircraft, the setting will become available for Out, Off, On and In times to be received from the tracking integration and populate the flight log in real-time.

This guide will outline:

  • how to enable automatic OOOI times;

  • how OFF and ON times are received;

  • how OUT and IN times are received; and

  • when and how to verify the data and save the log.

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Go to My Company > [select Aircraft with integration enabled] > and toggle Populate OOI setting to Yes to have OOOI times automatically populate flight logs for that aircraft. Note: This setting must be turned on individually for each aircraft. 



OFF and ON Times

OFF and ON times are received into Avianis from the flight following subscription. No additional equipment is required for the aircraft. 

OUT and IN Times

OUT and IN times are received only if the aircraft is equipped with ACARS and is enabled specifically to send the data. Here is an example of the data received in the flight log:



Access the flight log through the various ways, i.e. from the calendar, trip overview, My Flights, or Operations Dashboard. Once all applicable times are received, verify the OOOI data and click 'Save Changes' to complete the flight log entry.

The data is received in real-time and the activity feed of each flight log displays the details received. 

If the flight log has received the times, but has not been saved, the flight card on the Operations Dashboard will indicate the Log is Not Complete.

Ref: O-O07

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