The following bugs / reported issues have been addressed in this mobile app maintenance update:

  • Login Results 

  • FRAT Warning

  • Credit Card Selection

  • Expense Attachments

  • Flight Time and Block Time Display

  • Attaching an Image to Any Record

See below for additional details.



Login Results

When Touch ID is enabled, the user will not have to repeatedly input their credentials. Previously when Touch ID was enabled, it was prompting a user to fully login again at times.

FRAT Warning

When a FRAT is submitted and a warning or critical displays the same will display in the web-based platform of Avianis. Previously, FRAT results may differ from the mobile app and the web-based platform.

Credit Card Selection

When creating a general expense from My Expenses the credit card selection is now available as an option. 

Expense Attachments 

Images attached to expenses within a trip using the mobile app will successfully sync and be available when accessing them in the web-based platform. Previously there were intermittent errors. 

Flight Time and Block Time Display 

When saving a flight log, the flight time and block time summary display in the upper right ("Flt: 0 Blk: 0") will automatically update. Previously this required a My Flights sync to see the updated time reflected.

Attaching an Image to Any Record

Images attached to records are now referenced as "images". Previously they were all referenced as "receipts".

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