Regulatory sets contain additional features to allow for limiting the use of the set, an improved sequential aspect and additional conditions. 

New Regulatory Set updates include: 

  • Use Limit

  • Flight Duty Period


CREW RECORDS: Regulatory Sets

Use Limit  

The Use Limit restricts the number of times the Regulatory Set may be used over a select number of days for each pilot. For example, 2 times in 7 Days. Refer to Regulatory Sets: Setup for more details.

Flight Duty Period

An additional condition of when is available for Increasing By and Decreasing By adjustments. This can be used when creating a limitation for duty periods. Refer to Regulatory Sets: Limitations, Experience and Time Off for more details.

There is an additional option added for the regulatory set limitations for the Increase By and Decrease by adjustment to allow the user to set a fixed amount adjustment rather than a percentage of another value. Refer to Regulatory Sets: EASA Regulations for the setup. 

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