This application update includes various improvements and bug fixes within the Finance module. The following features have been added, improved and/or corrected. 

New and Improved Features in the Finance section:

  • Hide Reimbursable Expenses

  • Viewing Expense Details

  • Expense Report Details 

  • Submit Expense Report 

  • Expense Category Settings

  • Setup Multiple GL Codes

  • Set Groups as Approvers

  • My Approval Tab 

  • Approver Access to Expenses 


Hide Reimbursable Expenses on the Trip/Flight Log
In Operations > Settings > Configurations there is a Company-level setting on whether reimbursable expenses should be hidden by default in the trip/flight log. All operations will show Reimbursable expenses by default until otherwise changed by the admin.

Viewing Expense Details
There is an added details and expand/collapse button on the expense within the expense report for greater visibility of the expense details, so the users don't have to access the full expense detail page. 

Click 'Details' to view more on the expense. 

Expand and Collapse on any expense to view or hide the details. 

Expense Report Details
Easily view the expense report total at the top of the report. Additionally, if adding expenses in other currencies other than the base, the expense total shows the total in the base currency set. 

Submit Expense Report
When a trip is in the 'Pending Status,' its allowed to submit an expense report. 

Reimbursable Default Setting
The Report Type Selection option in Finance > Company Expense Rules allows an operation to set the expense report default as reimbursable or not. When enabled and a user creates and expense report the Yes option is defaulted. The user can still set to No, but if Yes remains set and the report is created, only expenses designated reimbursable can be added to the report. 

Expenses Category Settings
In Finance > Settings > Classifications > Expense Categories add multiple additional fields, make the fields required or not when creating an expense of this category and move them up or down in the list, using the up or down arrows.

Setup Multiple GL Codes
In Finance > Settings > Classifications > Expense Categories add multiple cost codes to a single expense category. Once a trip type is assigned to a cost code, it cannot be used again for another cost code. This has no other functionality tied to it and is used only for reporting purposes.

Set Groups as Approvers
Users with the Admin role and Finance Manager role have the ability to select Groups as expenses approvers in any type of expense policy. 

My Approval Tab
The 'Related To' column in various locations in the application now includes the tail number the report is associated to. This occurs for trip and aircraft expense reports, not General. Areas include: 

  • My Expenses

  • My Expenses > My Expense Reports

  • My Expenses > My Approvals

  • Finance > Expense Reports 

Approver Access to Expenses
In Finance > Expense Settings > Configuration, there is a yes/no setting that allows the editing of submitted and/or approved expenses. As an operation set whether expenses can be edited while in the 'Submitted' and/or 'Approved' status. If either option are set to Yes, users that are set as Approvers are able to edit the expenses while in those statuses. More details can be found in Finance: Settings.


Bugs Resolved in the Finance section: 

1.) Expense categories were available and shouldn't have been, depending on the policy set. This issue was resolved by requiring a tail or trip number to be set which then determines which expense categories are available for selection.
2.) Unable to delete a trip policy from an aircraft profile. If a trip policy is applied to an aircraft, it can now be deleted if it has not been used. If it's been applied the active/inactive option is working properly now.
3.) Inactive aircraft policies being applied to the trip expense report checks. This issue has been resolved. Once the policy is made inactive, it's not being considered any longer.
4.) After an expense report was rejected, the user was unable to modify and re-submit. This issue has been resolved and now allows the user to update properly, run a re-check and re-submit. Individual expenses that are rejected now are returned to the Open status and can be applied to a new report.
5.) When a warning and/or critical item resulted from a report check and should not have been, the user was unable to approve the expense report. The team has identified the cause and resolved this issue.
6.) When an expense was a split expense, the override section was not displaying the expense details properly. This has been corrected and displays the Split Total and lists all the expense categories and total for each. 

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