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Review and approve or reject expense reports
Review and approve or reject expense reports
As an approver, receive notification when an expense report is submitted, review the expenses, the report and reject or approve.
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After expense policies are created and approvers are set, users are able to create expense reports and submit the reports for approval. 

This article will cover how to: 

  • access, and review submitted expense reports; and

  • approve expenses and expense reports; and

  • reject expenses and expense reports


As expense reports are submitted, the approvers receive email notification. 

An example email is below: 

From: "Avianis" <> Date: September 3, 2019 at 13:35:53 EDT To: Subject: Report Approval Required

Hello Kurt,

Please review the expense report below submitted by Robin Pilot Expense Report: 1



  1. Click the link in the email notification to access the expense report or go to My Expenses > My Approvals

2. Click the blue edit icon to access the report.
3. Review the items and either Approve or Reject the report. 

When reviewing the expense report, the Report Total displays at the top. If expenses are in other currencies other than the Base Currency set on the account, the Report Total continues to display the amount in the Base Currency.

Expand/collapse all expenses for an easy and quick review or click the Details button by one expense to view the details of only that one. Details that show are: 

Flight Leg (Leg Number/Departure ICAO/Arrival ICAO)
Paid With: Credit Card (card details), Cash (personnel name), Other (personnel name) or Check (check #)
Currency Name/Symbol
Memo: If a split item, it will show the memo for each
Invoice #
Reference #
Requests fulfilled by this expense 


The report and all expenses within the report change from Submitted to Approved once the report is Approved. The submitter receives email notification that the report has been Approved. If there is a yellow status indication and the approver approves, the item is listed in the Overrides section of the report.

Approve Expense Report 


As an approver, there is the option to reject the report entirely or an individual expense. 

Reject Expense Report

By rejecting the report, an email notification is sent to the submitter advising the report was rejected. The report status is changed to Rejected. The workflow is for the submitter to access the report, correct the issues that led to the rejection, check report and re-submit. 

  1. Click Reject

  2. Input the reason why the report is being rejected

The reason why is communicated to the submitter via the email notification. 

Reject Expense
A second option is to reject the individual expense. 

  1. Click the reject button by the expense

  2. Input the reason why the report is being rejected. 

The reason why is communicated to the submitter via the email notification. 

If an individual expense is rejected, it is returned to the Open status. The workflow is for the submitter to access the expense, correct the issue and create a new report. The corrected expenses cannot be added to the original submitted report.

Ref: F-F15

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