This application maintenance update includes fixes for the following features: 



Saved Searches on Calendar

Corrected an issue where invalid characters could be saved when sharing a calendar search. When these characters were added this caused the calendar not to load. There are now validation checks in place to prevent this from occurring. 



Citizenship Information to APIS

The citizenship will now pull from the passport issuing country, rather than the citizenship in the contact profile. This surfaced when a passenger has multiple passports and dual citizenship.

Saving a Flight Leg

When using a location at times an error occurred when attempting to save the leg. This issue has been resolved. 

Weather Radar on Fleet Map

The weather layers have been expanded throughout the globe. This includes North America, Japan, Australia, and Europe. 

Airport Position Pindrop on Fleet Map

When clicking on an orange airport on the fleet map, the pop up was not displaying when multiple layers were set to show. This issue has been resolved, so the details display now.

Weather Layers over Flight Path

This has been updated to show the flight path over the weather layers, so the user can easily view it. 



Quote Additional Charge Currency

Fixed a currency conversion issue when a quote was set to Calculation Method Fixed. 

Profit Analysis - Add/Edit Option in Quote

Two issues were resolved when using the Add/Edit feature on the quote level in the Profit Analysis. When editing the flight minimum share calculation or the owner collects block option, the cost and profit did not calculate properly. 

Profit Analysis - Editing Minimums in Quote

When editing the daily minimum additional charge to $0, the Profit Analysis in the Snapshot and Tools continued to calculate the minimum amount as a cost and did not adjust the Profit properly. 


Check Expense Report 

Corrected an issue where Report Types Aircraft and General were resulting in an error when the user ran the Check Report feature. 

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