The following features have been added to the mobile app:

  • Automated OOOI Times (Out, Off, On and In) 

  • Credit Card Information

  • Date Format

  • Last Sync Date and Time 

  • Default Departure on Expense Entry 

See below for additional details.


Automated OOOI Times (Out, Off, On and In) 

Out, Off, On and In times can be received from the tracking integration and populate in the mobile app flight log. This setting must be enabled and the account must be subscribed to the Flight Following integration. Refer to Flight Following: Setup for more information. 

Credit Card Information
When selecting the credit for payment method credit card it now displays the name of the personnel to whom the card is assigned and the 'Name on Card' entered in the entry in the personnel profile.

Date Format
When a users date format is adjusted from the standard mm/dd/yyyy in their profile in the main application, the mobile app has been enhanced to reflect the date format set. The date format displays in the Flight Log, Expenses, Duty Times and Discrepancies.

Last Sync Date and Time

In Settings the Last Sync Date and Time is available. This refers to the My Flights Sync and the full Account Sync. When swiping down on the My Flights list to sync the primary data is updated. A full Sync Account in Settings is available to update all data. Refer to this guide Mobile App: Syncing the Data to understand more. 

Default Departure on Expense Entry
On the expense entry the aircraft taking off icon representing departure is the default selection. 


The following bugs / reported issues have been addressed in this mobile app maintenance update:

  • At times users My Flights were not updating properly. The My Flights not Updating issue has been addressed. 

  • The intermittent App Crash and Full-Sign In Required Again after idle has been resolved. 

  • Swipe left on an expense entry through a trip or in the My Expenses page to Delete an Expense

  • The FBO Selection on Expense Entries has been corrected to only show the departure FBOs if departure is set and arrival FBOs if arrival is selected. The name of the selection is now FBO/Handler and includes active handlers in addition to the FBOs.  

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