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Mobile App: Create/Edit Trip Expense
Mobile App: Create/Edit Trip Expense
Easily create and upload receipts to trip expenses.
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This guide explains how to:

  • Input a trip expense,

  • input split expenses; and 

  • upload receipts to an expense.

To review the process to add trip expenses through the web based Platform please review the article Add trip expenses through My Flights.


Expenses that occur while on a trip can be inputted through the My Expenses section and designated the type Trip. For example, airport fees (landing, ramp, facility parking), crew meals, catering, etc.

  1. Access My Expenses

  2. Tap the + button at the top right

  3. Select Trip

  4. Input the details of the expense and save by tapping the check mark at the top right.


For trips with more than one expense per leg, split expenses can be entered within the trip expense.

  1. Tap Split Line Items

  2. Tap the + button at the top right to add new line item

  3. Input the details of the expense, one expense per line item

    The total for all line items will show on the expense Total:

  4. Once line items are entered and expense Total is correct, save by tapping the check mark.


Documents, images, etc. can be uploaded to the expense.

  1. Tap the camera icon at the top right hand side

  2. Choose Camera to take an image at that time or Choose from Gallery to upload an existing file.

    When an attachment has been added to the expense an indicator will appear to display how many attachments there are. By clicking on the paper clip icon indicator the user can then access the list of attachments by name. Clicking on the name will display the image.

    To delete an attachment tied to an expense, tap the garbage can icon, click yes to confirm and then click the check mark in the expense to save.

    NOTE: If the image type is not supported an error will pop-up showing the file types that are viewable.

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