This release is centered around Crew Scheduling and Maintenance. 

New feature updates include: 

  • Crew Transient on the Crew Calendar

  • Calendar Timezone Consistency 

  • Start and End Airports on Events 

  • Timezone Selection on Events 

  • Overlapping Offline Events

  • Multiple Job Cards and Discrepencies 



Crew Transient on the Crew Calendar
By enabling the Transient Availability setting on the Crew Calendar, the calendar will include a transient indication for each crew member when they are away from their designated home base. All flight activity and event activity is considered. Refer to Scheduling: Crew for the details.

Calendar Timezone Consistency
Dictated by the Timezone settings in the Filters for the Aircraft and Crew Calendar, flights, events, offline events and discrepancies will display in the same time setting such as My TZ, Airport TZ or Zulu on the Aircraft and Crew calendars. Refer to Scheduling: Aircraft for more details. 

Start and End Airports on Events

In the event form, there are Start and End Airport selections available. This will recognize if/when the airport selected is the home base of the person on the event and show them at home or transient, accordingly. Refer to Events: How to Create.

Timezone Selection on Events
When creating events set the appropriate Timezone setting. The options are Local, Homebase and Zulu. This feature allows users to create non-flight related Duty events in Local or Homebase. Refer to Events: How to Create.


Overlapping Offline Events
Upon creation of an offline event, a check is run to ensure no offline events overlap. If an overlap exists, a job card is not able to be created.  

Multiple Job Cards and Discrepancies
Various updates have occurred around discrepancies and job cards. Below is a list of the updates:

  • Create a discrepancy without a job card. 

  • Link one discrepancy to multiple job cards.

  • Added a column to the discrepancy search page that includes the job card number and link to the associated job card. 

  • Removed the yellow wrench icon from the discrepancy search page to access the job card. 

  • Added search by job card to discrepancy search page.

  • Added the ability to select multiple discrepancies at one time to a job card by clicking "add existing" and "multiple selection."

Learn more about Creating Discrepancies

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