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Flight Safety International (FSI) Integration: Setup
Flight Safety International (FSI) Integration: Setup
Authenticate and configure the FSI integration to share training information and automatically satisfy Training items within Avianis
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  1. Reach out to to obtain your Account Number and License Key information. Advise FSI how far back training records need to be reset. 

  2. Go to My Company > Global Settings > Integrations > Flight Safety Intl. in the main navigation

  3. Enter your FSI account number, license key, the frequency (in number of days) that you would like the system to automatically pull the new training records and click "Save"

  4. Select an existing vendor from your Avianis account to tie to Flight Safety International or create a new one to tie it to. When training items are updated from the FSI integration, it will automatically tie it to this vendor.

  5. Click "Get Latest Items" button to pull Flight Safety International qualification items and courses. This step is required when first setting up the integration. This allows the mapping of qualification items, courses and aircraft model and types. (Note: if there are no latest courses, no courses will display in the Crew Records > Flight Safety section).

Tie personnel to an FSI user

  1. In the Flight Safety Intl. settings page (see above), click on the Personnel tab.

  2. Click "Set Employee ID" next to each applicable user and add in their FSI ID.

Tie aircraft to FSI aircraft models or types

Users are able to map the aircraft models they fly to the Flight Safety International models or types. If unable to locate the specific model, select type. Once a training record comes over through the integration, a logbook entry is automatically created and relevant qualification items are updated. The verification screen is still present to review the information but the verification process is no longer necessary to update the records.

  1. In the Flight Safety Intl. settings page (see above), click on the Aircraft tab.

  2. Find the Avianis aircraft type that you want to map and select the FSI model or type in the drop downs. (Note: Selecting type will connect information associated with the aircraft type instead of relying on the specific model. This should be used when you cannot find the specific model of your aircraft.) 

Tie training items to FSI items

  1. Access a training program and click edit next to one of the training items.

  2. Select the applicable FSI training item from the drop down to tie the Avianis item to and click "Save". This will ensure when a new training record comes over that satisfies training items, it will be mapped to the appropriate records in Avianis.

Ref: I-F07

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