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Learn the basic settings on the crew calendar to customize the view.
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The Crew Calendar provides visibility to all assigned crew activity such as trips, events and training items. This article explains:

  • the filters and settings available; and

  • how training details display. 



There are various filters and settings available that dictate what displays on the calendar. Click Filters to adjust the options.


Personnel/Program: This selection includes active personnel and active training programs.
Stage: This selection includes active stages. Stages refer to the status of a trip. Show/hide trips based on the stage. 


Pending Trips: Show/Hide trips in the Pending Status. Pending is the initial status when designating a quote booked or creating a trip.
Locked Trips: Show/Hide trips that are in the Locked Status. Trips are locked within a trip.
Personnel Events: Show/Hide Personnel Events.
Transient Availability: Show/Hide the crew Transient status. Transient will display when:

  • the crewmember is on a flight that is away from home base; and 

  • when an event is created with a start/end location that is not the assigned crew members home base; and

  • when the crew is a passenger on a flight. An orange striped block will display on the day they are on the trip manifest. 

Show More: When checked, each flight leg displays within a block. Crew full names, block time, duty time and rest time displays per leg. When unchecked, the legs are condensed into one block, the crew names are initials and the block time, duty time and rest time is by trip.
Time Setting: Set the time preference for a cohesive look between trips and events. There are three options. 

  • My TZ: All calendar activities such as flight legs and events will display in the logged in user's Time zone. 

  • Airport TZ: All calendar activities such as flight legs and events will display in the associated airport Time zone. For example, if an event is created with only a Start Airport and not an End Airport, the time displayed will be from the Start Airport's Time zone. 

  • Zulu: All calendar activities such as flight legs and events will display in Zulu time. 

Flight Leg Selection Dropdown: All Types, Part 135, Part 91 are the selection options. This selection refers to the regulation set on the flight leg within a trip. If Part 135 is set, only flight legs with 135 set will display.


View by a Month view or a timeline setting. Options are a 5 day, 7 day, 10 day, 14 day or 30 day. Based on the setting when using the arrow keys to move forward or back, it correlates to the selected time line setting. For example, if 14 day is selected and the forward arrow is clicked, the calendar will move forward 14 days.


When an active training item for a crew member expires, it displays in the corresponding date block on the schedule board. Click on the item to input the new last completed, next due, grace start and grace end values.

Ref: O-C02

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