FlightBridge: Setup
This article will detail how to enable the FlightBridge integration within your account.
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In this article it will discuss:

  • How to access the FlightBridge integration

  • How to enable the integration for use within your trips


To access FlightBridge within your account proceed to any trip on the schedule. Once on the trip, you will click on the FlightBridge tab. This is where you will enter your company's FlightBridge account information to sync your Avianis and FlightBridge accounts.

Note: This will also be how you access the integration in the future to book services for your company trips.


Next, click "Existing Customer" and input your 3-letter code provided by FlightBridge or "Register New Account." if you do not have a 3-letter code.

 Lastly, complete the required fields.

Once your account is created, you can set up the email address where your operation wants to receive confirmations. This is added in the Setup tab directly in FlightBridge. A group email address can be added under contact email and that is where confirmations will be sent. 

Ref: I-F08

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