Creating a Job Card provides the ability to take an aircraft out of service and track discrepancies. This article explains:

  • how to create a job card; and 

  • best practices for closing job cards. 



  1. Click on Maintenance > Job Cards in the left navigation

  2. Click Create in the top left corner of the search grid

  3. Enter a name for the job card, select the aircraft, and set the start date. The name will be displayed as reference for the Job Card on search pages and other areas of the platform.

  4. Click Save 

A job card can also be created from within the Aircraft profile.

  1. Access the aircraft profile

  2. Click the Maintenance Tab > Job Cards

  3. Click Create

The job card can be accessed from within the aircraft profile > Maintenance > Job Cards tab as well. Click on the blue edit button and the job card will open in a new tab.



  1. Access the open job card

  2. Confirm all discrepancies within the job card are designated closed. Closed is checked and a date is input. 

  3. If the aircraft was out of service, return the aircraft to service. 

  4. Set the job card to Completed: Yes and input the Completed: Date.

Ref: M-M01

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