This update contains feature improvements and bug resolutions pertaining to: 

  • the Fleet Map Display; and  

  • Flight Following notifications.



The main fleet map will display the tracking data even if the flight tracking data received is not linked to a specific leg in the Avianis schedule. When accessing the map from the flight card on the Dashboard or from within the trip, the map will continue to NOT display the tracked data; however, it will show the straight line between the city pairs.


Name Field Blank
If a flight following notification does not contain a name when adding within the trip the email will still be triggered and delivered. 

When Flights aren't Linked
Data is received from our flight planning partner automatically when the data becomes available. When data is received and not linked to a flight leg, we will now send an email notification to the personnel assigned to the aircraft profile for flight following. The notification will indicate that a flight has departed but is not linked to a flight leg. 

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