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Configure Fuelerlinx Integration
Configure Fuelerlinx Integration
For Fuelerlinx paying customers
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Are you an existing Fuelerlinx customer? If so, reach out to an Avianis Support team member and request the module be turned on. The direct email is

  1. Once turned on there will be a Fuelerlinx section on the main menu. This is where you can enter credentials, set preferences and manage orders. Also once turned on, there will be a Fuelerlinx tab available in each trip.

2. Go to the Fuelerlinx section on the main menu. Then click on Settings (last tab). Then click on Scheduling Settings. Enter your Avianis email and password. Here is where you can set the number of days ahead to pull trip data. If a trip is outside the setting the segments will not display in the Fuelerlinx tab. 

3. Select other various settings and configure what information you want to show in the fuel request/services tab. The data items displaying in the boxes will display on the trip sheets. To remove the data items, click the X next to the item you want to remove. To add additional data items, click below the list of items, and the drop down menu will appear to select additional data points. 

4. Click "Save Changes"

Features that are included with Freemium vs Paid versions of Fuelerlinx

Configure Fuelerlinx to Dispatch Fuel by Username

The platform allows dispatching of fuel to be tracked by the user that is logged into Avianis. Tracking information is available in the trip activity feed.

To configure this feature take the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the personnel profile

  2. Click Integrations tab

  3. Click Login next to Fuelerlinx

  4. Enter Avianis credentials

Ref: I-F01

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