1. In the trip, click the Fuelerlinx tab. All segments from your trip will be retrieved.

2. Check the box next to the segment that you want to retrieve pricing on and click "Get Fuel Quote".

3. Once the system retrieves the pricing, click the drop down arrow to see all available options at the location. The system will always display the most cost effective option first.
If you wish to dispatch the selected flight legs, click the "Dispatch Fuel" button. Deselect any legs you don't wish to dispatch.

4. Verify the locations being dispatched for, set the confirmation preferences (see below regarding email confirmations) and click "Dispatch."

Once the order has been submitted, the leg will display with a green header showing there is a request for the leg.

The request will automatically get added to the Requests/Services section of the trip. 

Email Defaults for Fuel Confirmations

  1. Emails are always defaulted to ON, but the customer can disable this option through the settings

  2. CC on Dispatch email to vendor - checking this copies the customer on the fuel request sent directly to the fuel company

  3. Disable Dispatch Confirmations - checking this stops the customer from receiving a separate email that simply states the fuel has been requested

**There are 2 emails that can go out from Fuelerlinx with every dispatch, these 2 settings determine if the customer receives one, the other, or both**

4. Copy all Internal Emails: Selecting this will copy all emails within that users account for the dispatch confirmation and/or the CC on Dispatch to vendor (depending on what was chosen in the settings above)

Ref: I-F06

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