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Client Portal User Guide (External User)
Client Portal User Guide (External User)
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In this guide, we will cover the following:

  • Register and login to the customer portal

  • Reset password

  • How to access trip information

  • How to upload files

  • How to request trip services

  • How to access the schedule

  • How to enter a travel request 

  • Access and print invoices

  • Access other reports 

Register and login to the customer portal

  1. Go to the login page for your customer portal and click the "Sign Up!" link at the bottom of the form. The URL will be provided by the operation. 

2. Enter your name, email, phone and the password you would like to use to login and then click "Sign Up". You will receive an email to confirm that your registration request was received. Once it has been approved you will also receive a notification to let you know that you can now login.

3. Once approved, access your portal login page, enter your email and password and click "Sign In"

Reset password

  1. Go to the login page for your customer portal and click "Lost Password". 

2. Enter your email address to receive a link where you're able to set a new password.

Access Trip Information

  1. Click on the edit button next to a trip in the "Upcoming Trips" section on the Dashboard or go to trips in the main navigation.

     2. Once in the trip detail page, click the print button in the top right corner to print            an up to date trip itinerary including crew members, passengers and service requests.

   3. Click the edit icon to access the trip details such as adding passengers, service requests or trip itinerary.

    4. To add a passenger to a trip, Click the Add Passenger button. A pop up window will appear where you can select the passenger from the drop down box or create a new passenger that is not already in the database. If creating a new passenger account that will be tied to the new passenger is the first account the person creating the passenger is tied to. 

5. To add a service request click Add Request, select Concierge type from the drop

down list and select the appropriate flight leg, enter details as needed. (i.e Catering- Fruit and Veggie platter for 4)

File uploads

When creating or editing a service, a file upload option is available by clicking "Choose File". Once uploaded, click to download or delete the file from the

service request if needed. The files attached to the services are accessible to the operation in the main application. Users that can access the trip in the main application can download, edit and remove the attached file.

6. To edit the itinerary click Add Leg, insert leg above (green plus button) or click               the date/time to adjust an existing legs date/time or routing.
    Note: The operation controls the user's ability to edit the itinerary.

Flight legs will display gray in the trip detail page of the customer portal if actual flight logs have been entered showing the legs completion. 

Access Schedule Information

  1. Click on Schedule in the main navigation

  2. View the schedule including trips, maintenance and personnel events. There are Day, Work Week, Week, Month and Agenda view options in the top right corner of the calendar.

Note: The events are displayed in Zulu time. 

The color coding on the calendar is based on the following:
Orange: A trip your company's account is scheduled on the company aircraft
Blue: The company aircraft is being used by another account, so its unavailable
Gray: A trip your company's account is scheduled on, but on another aircraft other than the main company aircraft (other aircraft include aircraft within the fleet, vendor aircraft and generic aircraft).
Yellow: Personnel Event i.e. crew training, crew day off
Brown: Aircraft Offline Event

Enter a Travel Request

  1. Click on Travel Request in the main navigation

  2. Enter whether the itinerary is a Roundtrip, One-way or Multi-city flight

  3. Enter all relevant itinerary information and click "Submit"

Access and Print Invoices

  1. Select the Invoices tab on the left side of the screen

2. Enter the date range, then click the "Search" button. Please note the "Date Range" checkbox must be checked to search by date range.

3. View and print the invoice by selecting the "Printer" icon next to the associated invoice on the right side of the screen.

4. The invoice will appear in a new window. Review and print the invoice.

Access Reports/Files

  1. Select Reports/Files on the menu to the left

The Files section at the top will list files if the Operation has synced files to the portal.

  1. Click the download icon to download the file to the device to view. If the operation has input an effective date on the file, it will display. The ordering of the reports are descending by date, so the most recent is at the top. If no effective date is entered, the file will list after the files with effective dates.

The reports section contains various report options.

  1. Select a report, an aircraft, a month or quarter and year to view the preferred data.  

Ref: C-C03

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