The client would like to examine all 135 estimated versus actual flight time for the first quarter across the entire 135 fleet.  


  1. On the Main Navigation go to Reports > Operations. Enter the appropriate date range.  

  2. Select Flight Data Analysis Grid. Your data for that date range will appear.

  3. A helpful function to do first is to hide columns for a better visual representation of the data points of interest. To do so, check box the preferred column headings and click ok.

4. Add a regulatory type filter for "part 135".

5. Create a formula capturing the difference of the Act FlightDec from the Est FlightDec. The Name field is what the name of the new column heading will be.

Below is a snapshot of the difference in estimated versus actual flight time (in decimal format) for each 135 flight in the date range. 

Additional sorting capabilities are available when clicking the table headings. 

Export to Excel, CSV or PDF. 

Ref: R-Q03

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