The Flight Crew Activity Charts give the user a high level overview of their flight activity recorded in Avianis. Information is displayed in charts. For more detailed information on aircraft or aircrew activity see the other reporting options within the Crew section of the Reports tab. 

  1. Select the Reports tab in the menu on the left side of the screen. In the drop down menu that appears select Crew. 

2. The Flight Crew Activity Charts will then appear to the right of the menu. Three drop down menus will appear at the top of the chart allowing you to select chart type, month, and year for analysis. 

3. Begin by selecting the chart type in the first drop down menu. Once a chart type has been selected the chart will automatically change. 

Chart types:

Flight Hours By Crew Member - Displays flight hours by crew member name for the selected time period. 

Crew Medical Summary - Displays crew members' medical currency status. 

Crew Recurrency Due Summary - Displays crew members' recurrent training status.

Crew Incomplete Training Status (Non-Recurrent) - Displays crew members' non-recurrent training status.

4. Next select the time frame for which you would like to pull information. You can select month or quarter, then select the year.

5. To view individual breakdowns for each column in the chart click on the column you would like to analyze. 

6. The breakdown of the individual column will appear in a new window. You can export this information to Excel using the Excel button in the top left corner.

Ref: R-C01

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