The Flight Crew Activity Detail Reports details the activity of aircrew users based on information logged in the application. Four separate reports can be selected to meet the user's needs. 

  1. Select Reports in the menu on the left. Then select Crew to launch the crew reports section of the application. 

2. The Flight Crew Activity Detail Reports window will be located on the right side of the screen. Here you can select the aircrew member's name and time frame for the report.

3. Next the user will select the type of report they would like to see. 

Crew Duty/Flight Summary - This report summarizes aircrew duty and flight times, in addition personnel events are displayed (Out of Office, Hard Days Off, Training). Personnel events are pulled from the Scheduling section of the application. Personnel event types can be setup in Global Settings. 

Duty/Block Gantt Chart - This report summarizes aircrew duty and block times in a Gantt Chart. 

Per Diem Summary - This report summarizes aircrew per diem. Domestic Rate and International Rate information is pulled from the Employment section of the Personnel record in the application. The determining value of time for calculating the amount of per diem is pulled from the duty time in the Flight Log.

Qualification Status - This report summarizes the status of aircrew's recurrent and non-recurrent qualifications.

4. Next select Launch Report. The report will then appear in a new window. 

5. Export the report to a PDF document by selecting the Download PDF icon in the top right corner. 

Ref: R-C02

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