Create a Trip Related Invoice
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  1. From within the trip, bottom right-hand side, click "Add New".

     2. Enter the applicable information in the pop-up window and click "Create". The               draft and open status can be used to define internal process. It will be visible in             the invoice search page. 

Note: If there is only 1 account on the trip, that account will be auto-selected in the Account drop down. If the user clicks the drop down, it will only list the 1 account that is on the trip. The user is able to type an Account name in the drop down menu and it will search all active accounts to select from. If the trip has more than 1 account, the account selection will not be auto-populated. All of the accounts on the trip will display when clicking the drop down menu. . 

The user is able to create an invoice based on either the quote or the actual logged values (itinerary) in either of the following calculations: block, flight, hobbs, nm, sm or purpose.

Note: In order to invoice based on the actual values of the itinerary the flight log must be completed. Here you will see that the flight times have not been logged for this trip because the quantity column shows 0.00. 

     3. To invoice based on the quote, click the "Quote" tab. Check box all items that                apply and click, "Add to Invoice".    
Note: If retail, the invoice will look at the passenger count on the quote. If you add flight legs based on the itinerary (and the trip is retail), the segment tax will refer to the passenger count on the trip. 

Once added, each item is created as a line item above that list and your invoice is calculated. To add additional items as you go, click "Add New Item" and enter the information. 

     4. To add a trip expense to the invoice such as catering, ground transportation, etc,           click the "Expenses" tab. Check box the expenses you wish to add and click,                 "Add to Invoice". 

Ref: F-F04

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