Create a deal and deal search page
Creating a deal and how to utilize the deal search page.
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Deals are created in order to track opportunities related to General sales opportunities, Aircraft and Job Cards.

In this article includes:

  • Create a Deal;

  • Deal Search Page.

Create a Deal

To create a deal from the deals section of the application follow these steps: 

  1. Go to Deals in the main navigation

  2. Click "Create"

  3. Enter relevant information and click "Save & Edit" or "Save & Close"

4. After clicking Save & Edit, the deal record opens and the deal information can be edited in this screen. 


The general selection can be used for a sales opportunity related to non-aircraft specific jet cards. When creating a jet card deal, select general from the create screen. Select the active jet card that exists on the account or create new through the deal. 


The aircraft selection can be used for tracking aircraft specific jet cards and/or aircraft management opportunities. If a specific tail number relates to the jet card there is an active jet card selection within the deal to select from or create a new jet card from the deal.

Job Card

The job card selection can be used for a maintenance repair station opportunity directly related to a job card that is already created in your account. When creating a job card sales opportunity, select an already create job card to make the association. 

Deals can also be created from specific quotes. The purpose in associating a quote(s) to a deal is to further track the stage of the sales opportunity, lead source, identify a campaign, and track won, lost, etc. An example of deal tracking quote(s) is a multi-quote roadshow. It allows the user to associate multiple quotes to one deal. Check out Deals and Quotes for more insight.

NOTE: Other types of deals that automatically populate in the deals section are via the Customer Portal and Avinode. These two types of deals are then managed by the user throughout the sales process by updating the various stages and linking the deal to a quote or trip. 

Deal Search Page

The deal search page allows a user to customize their column display, search for various criteria and save searches for easy access. Here are some examples:

To set up a save search for a client portal deal type, follow these steps:

1.) Select the deal type check box filter, select is and type in client portal.
2.) Click "Search"
3.) Click "Save"
4.) Name the search. In this example, the name is "My Client Portal Requests."

Search for more than one condition. For example, deal type client portal and account Case Technologies. Be sure "Match All Filters" is selected. Set the account and the deal type and search. 

To setup a save search for Avinode deals (charter marketplace), select deal type is Avinode. Search and save. The sales rep name is the personnel that authenticated Avinode in Avianis.


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