Service Automation
Understanding Service Automation
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Service Automation is a trip planning tool designed to increase efficiency by auto-populating trip services at the creation of a trip while providing the operations team with a checklist to track and confirm services. This feature applies when a trip is created throughout the various areas within the main application and when created through the client portal. This article explains:

  • service automation overview; and

  • how to track changes in the activity feed.

Service Automation

In order to utilize this feature first setup your Service Templates. Service Automation: Template Creation article provides a step-by-step guide on how to do this. 

User Roles which have the ability to create and edit Service Automation Template include: 

  • Account Admin 

  • Chief Pilot

  • Operations Manager

  • Scheduling Manager

Service Templates, like those seen in trips, adjust based on the Service Type selected. Ground Transportation templates contain custom fields for details such as driver name, vehicle details, etc. For more information on Service Types refer to the Service Automation: Service Type article.

Service Types such as Permit, Regulatory, and Security will appear in the International tab within the trip. 

All other service types will appear in the Services tab. 

Note: If the service is added to a trip or leg and the Conditions no longer apply due to a schedule change, for example, the service will remain in the trip and will need to be removed manually. Additionally, if an itinerary changes that impacts the service at the associated airport, the service will remain within the leg and store the previous ICAO for a quick and easy view of what services may need tended to.

Activity Feed


The Activity Feed documents changes made to automated services. Upon creation of a Service Automated template, an Activity Feed entry will be made that shows which service was created, by which user and from what source (website).


When a trip is created which matches an existing Service Automated template the feed entry displays this as a “Matched service template”.

If the automated service no longer applies due to changes made, the Activity Feed will document that it was set to 'In Review' because the service template no longer matches.

If the automated service changes status due to Change Control Settings, the Activity Feed will document it like this: “Change control – Change control setting name”.

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