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Moving flight legs through scheduling
Moving flight legs through scheduling
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Flight legs can be moved around on the calendar to optimize scheduling of the fleet. Conflicts will flag as adjustments are made to ensure legs do not overlap and that crew are qualified on the aircraft the leg is moved to.

Note: "Show more" must be selected in the filters in order to move legs. This will display each leg as its own box

  1. Access Scheduling on the main navigation

  2. Click on the leg that needs to be moved

3. Click "Move"
4. Click in the box the leg needs to move to

If no scheduling conflicts a green border will exist. If scheduling conflicts do exist a red border will display. For example, attempting to place leg 2 on a day before leg 1 occurs or a scheduling overlap.
Note: If crew from the original a/c are not qualified on the a/c the leg is changed to, they are automatically removed from the trip.

To move back to the original location on the calendar, uncheck the check box. To commit the change click "Save Changes" in the upper right hand corner of the calendar display.

Ref: O-C06

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