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Case Management Setup: Case and Resolution Types
Case Management Setup: Case and Resolution Types
How to create and customize case and resolution types for data capture requirements for service
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Cases can be created through a trip or a flight log and are a way to document service issues and safety concerns. Before implementing the case management processes, be sure to setup custom case types and resolution types. This article will show how to

  • Create custom case types and field

  • Create resolution types

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Cases allow operations to customize the data capture requirements for service/safety issues. When creating a case type, additional fields can be added to be able to capture required information based on the type. To create a new case type proceed to My Company > Global Settings > Case Management > Case Types > Create New.

Within the template, the following options are available within the additional fields:

  • Aircraft: A full list of the active managed and vendor aircraft within the account

  • Date: Specific date

  • Date/Time: Specific date and time

  • List: allows for a list of custom values separated by a comma that will appear in a drop-down

  • Number

  • Personnel: All active personnel within the account

  • Text (Multi-Line)

  • Text (Single Line)

  • Job Card: A full list of all associated job cards to either the aircraft on the flight leg and/or the aircraft within the case.

After the additional fields are selected you will need to assign a name to the field which will drive how it appears on the page.

After all additional fields have been added to the case type, you can then determine the order in which they will appear within the case by leveraging the sort column here:

Note: Once a specific case type has been used and values entered into the additional fields it cannot be deleted.


Go to My Company > Global Settings > Case Management > Resolution Types > Create New. Resolution Types are selected when resolving the case and can be reported on.

Ref: O-C01

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