This article will cover:

  • How to create a duty record within the flight log

  • how to create a duty record within the schedule; and

  • utilizing the check-in and check-out duty entry feature

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  1. Access the "Duty Time" tab on the flight log you want to add duty time to

  2. Select the Personnel or All Crew option

  3. Designate the Duty Category

  4. Confirm the start/end date are accurate, enter the start/end times in Zulu and save

    Note: Even though you are entering the duty time on a specific flight leg it may apply to multiple legs. Once added, the duty record will show in the Duty Time tab of any flight leg within 24 hours of the logged record. Trip related logs are visible on the crew calendar.

When any portion of the OOOI times are saved and a duty time record is not submitted the main trip overview page shows Incomplete Duty. In addition, if the submitted duty time record start and end time does not properly align with the Out and In times, the Incomplete Duty indication displays as well. The Out time must be after the duty Start and the In time must be before the duty End time.


  1. Access the Aircraft or Crew Scheduling Board

  2. Click "Add Event"

  3. Enter relevant details and make sure you select "Duty Time" as the Event Type along with a corresponding Duty Category. The duty category container will show as soon as you select Duty Time as the event type.

  4. Then, click the "Add Users to Event" checkbox and select all personnel members the duty record applies to.

  5. Click "Save"


This functionality is available to users that have the Pilot, Chief Pilot and/or Flight Attendant user role(s).

  1. Click check-in

  2. Input the start date and time and click save

  3. When ready to end the duty period, click the blue "on duty" button

  4. Input the end date, time, select the duty/event category and click save.

  5. Once saved, the record will display in the duty time tab and on the crew calendar.

Example on crew calendar: 

If the crew member is utilizing the Check-In feature a notification will display to them within the Flight Log indicating that there is an incomplete check-in.

Additionally, once a crew member has "Checked-In", the check-in icon will display differently indicating the crew is on duty and will refer to the current time providing a total duty time since the start time.

Ref: O-F06

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