1. Access the FRAT tab in the flight log you want to run the FRAT for

  2. Check the boxes next to the applicable risk items for that flight and click "Submit"

3. If the total value exceeds the set thresholds, a message will display that the C.P. or D.O.s authorization is required. 

Note: If the FRAT approval is marked "show" in Operations > Settings > FRAT, the "Approve" option will be present. Click "Approve."

4. Enter the specified reason and click "Approve."

5. For additional pertinent information click "FRAT Info." Below is a list of items that are displayed under FRAT Info.

Crew - Total hours in type / Total hours in previous 90 days
Discrepancies - Open MEL and CDL discrepancies
Airport - Elevation for departure and arrival airport, sunset time, and any published approaches 

Ref: O-F09

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