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Add a Next Due Item
Add a Next Due Item
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  1. Go to Maintenance > Inspections in the main navigation

  2. Click the "Create Due Item" button

  3. Enter all relevant information and click the "Save" button

Note: This is for manual inspection item tracking. If integrating with a 3rd party tracking system (CAMP, CMP, AvTrak and/or Flightdocs) inspection items are automatically pulled into Avianis. 

  • Select the profile type (engine, airframe, APU, etc.) the inspection item needs to refer to.

  • Multiple frequencies can be set up to accommodate for the "or" situations. For example, due by Dec 1st or at 6000 hours. For hour frequencies enter the time it's due at. For example, 6424 hours.

  • Select the thresholds you want to consider warning and critical based on the various frequencies. For example, if you set the warning value at 20 hours and critical at 10 hours, the inspection communication through the trip feasibility will begin when the item is 20 hours from needing to be completed. A calendar item works the same way. For example, if it's due 1/1/2017 and 10 days is warning and 5 days is critical, the communication will begin when the item is 10 days out from next due. 

Ref: M-M04

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