1. Create a Job Card

  2. In the Aircraft Out of Service Settings area, check the box that says "Take Aircraft Out of Service"

  3. Designate the Maintenance Type, either "Scheduled" or "Unscheduled."

  4. Search the airport location the offline event is taking place at. 

  5. Maintenance vendors and personnel can be selected. This ties the offline event to the vendor and personnel that serviced the aircraft. Selecting a vendor and personnel can be set as a requirement when taking an aircraft out of service. In each aircraft profile, there is a setting called, "Require Approved Vendor or Personnel for Offline Event." When set to "Yes", a user will be required to select an approved maintenance vendor or personnel in order to put the aircraft down for maintenance. With the approved vendor setting set to yes, if the maintenance event dates are planned outside the approved vendor's active dates, a warning is communicated when the user is submitting the offline event. The same check will run when the user attempts to put the aircraft back into service. This allows for full management of approved maintenance vendors.

  6.  When "Require Approved Vendor or Personnel for Offline Event" is set to Yes if              the maintenance personnel members selected on the offline event does not have        the regulatory type setup or a type that does not match the aircraft regulatory                type of the aircraft selected a warning is communicated to the user when the                aircraft is taken out of service and it prevents the user from putting the aircraft              back into service. For example a part 91 maintenance technician working on a part        135 aircraft, it will warn the user when they take the aircraft offline and will not let          them return it to service if the issue still exists.

   7. Enter an estimated begin and end date/time for when it will be out of service as           well as the airport it will be located. If Automatic is set under Return to service, the       aircraft will show as available (green) as soon as the estimated return to service             date/time is met. If Manual is selected and no date/time is set for the return to               service date, the aircraft will show offline starting at the Beginning date/time and           stay that way until actual return to service is entered and it is in the past.
   8. Click "Save"
   9. The offline event will display on the aircraft schedule and if anyone tries to                 schedule an overlapping trip or quote a warning communication displays in the Trip     Feasibility.

Once information has been entered/saved in an offline event in a Job Card, the "Take Aircraft Out of Service" checkbox will be hidden. The "Clear" button will show up once the offline event has been saved and will remove all of the information in the offline event and add the Take Aircraft Out of Service box again if a mistake was made and needs to be corrected.

If an Aircraft is marked as Out of Service with an Out of Service and Projected Return to Service Date but no Actual Return to Service Date, the user will be prohibited from setting the Completed By or Completed Date values at the top of the Job Card. The user will need to input an Actual Return to Service Date.

Note: If the Take Aircraft Out of Service checkbox is not checked, the Completed values can be entered.

Ref: M-M03

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