There are three places to manage crew training items within the application. A user can access the personnel profile and go to the training tab. Another location is in crew records > training items or go into programs and access the personnel through the personnel tab.

NOTE: A new entry is created every time a crew member goes to training. This allows for the application to capture an entry each time the training occurs. For more information on training stages, click here.

Manage currency through personnel profile

  1. Go to My Company > Personnel 

  2. Click on the name of the personnel that needs updating 

  3. Go to the training tab

  4. Click the edit button 

  5. Click Create New

  6. Enter the applicable information and save
    Training types (ex. initial, recurrent, transition, etc) can be customized by the organization. Go to Crew Records > Training Types to create

Manage Currency through Crew Records > Training Items

  1. Go to Crew Records > Training Items

  2. Filter by personnel's name to manage their training items

  3. Click the edit button next to the training item

  4. Click Create New to start a new training date entry

  5. Enter the applicable information 

Manage Currency through Programs 

  1. Go to Crew Records > Programs

  2. Click on the program the personnel is associated to

  3. Click the personnel tab

  4. Click edit next to the personnel that needs updating

  5. Click edit next to the training item that needs updating

  6. Click Create New to create a new training entry

  7. Click the history icon to view all history of the training item

Override A Training Item

If a training item is satisfied from another item being completed you can override the item so the dates are the same. When you edit the item you will click the "Override" button and select the other training item that satisfies the requirement and click "Save". This is typically seen with Differences training. 

Ref: C-P08

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