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Assign crew directly to an aircraft and designate regulation on pilots profile
Assign crew directly to an aircraft and designate regulation on pilots profile
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In some cases an operation may want to associate a crew member directly to a tail number and designate position rather than using a program (containing an aircraft type and position) to drive who is available in the position drop-downs (PIC, SIC, etc.) in the trip.

This article will cover:

  • how to directly assign the crew members to an aircraft

  • designate a regulatory (135, 91) on the personnel profile. 

Assign Crew to Aircraft

  1. Access the aircraft profile you want to add crew members to

  2. In the Personnel Assignment section on the right side of the page click the "Add New" button

  3. Select the crew you want to associate to the aircraft in the drop down and the position they are qualified to fly

  4. Click the "Add" button
    Helpful Hint: A personnel must have a type rating in their personnel profile or be tied to a qualification program for the aircraft type in order to be directly assigned the personnel as PIC, SIC, ACM or Flight Attendant to an aircraft. If no position is designated, then the personnel can be directly assigned without entering a type rating. If the personnel is designated contract crew, they are able to be directly assigned without the type rating or association to an aircraft specific program. This ensures another check for compliance among 135 personnel and allows an operation to easily add 91 personnel where currency does not need to be fully tracked. 

Designate Regulation on Personnel Profile
When the "Check crew members against Regulatory Type" setting is set to Yes in Global Settings > Trip > Settings, a check is run and a flag is provided in the Trip Feasibility > Crew section as a critical item if the regulatory type selected on the user's profile and the regulation per leg do not match in the trip.

  1. Access the personnel profile to set the regulation

  2. Select the applicable regulation the crew member is qualified to fly

Example of the critical flag in the Trip Feasibility > Crew

Ref: C-P04

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