Crew Records: Programs
How to create and use Programs including applying Training items and adding applicable Personnel
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This article will cover how to:

  • create and user programs

  • apply training items

  • add personnel

  • deactivate or remove personnel from a program


Programs are to organize, apply, and verify Training items for personnel in association with a specific crew position, aircraft type, or any personnel without those conditions. Access from the main menu: Crew Records > Programs. 



From Crew Records > Programs, select the Create New button for a new Program or use the yellow Edit button on the right side of a Program entry to change settings. A pop-up will appear with the following information:

  • Name: Displayed on the Programs page and other areas of the platform. 

  • Crew Position (optional): Apply to a specific crewed position. If none selected ("Select"), the Training Items will apply regardless of crew position. Note: Personnel applied to the Program will be available to select for that crewed position on the aircraft types (if specified). 

  • Aircraft Types (optional): Apply to a select aircraft type. If non selected (box left blank), the Training items will apply regardless of aircraft type / or if crewed. Note: Personnel added to the Program will be available to crew on tails with the aircraft types. 

  • Active: Select to have the Program available to use and to check the Training items for the Personnel applied. 

  • Description (optional): Enter a description to explain the use case of the Program.



Programs are a way to organize and apply Training items. Each program can contain any number of training items. Training items may only be created/added as a part of a Program from within a Program record. 

Add Training Item to Program

Go to: Crew Records > Programs > [select name of program] > Training Items tab, and Click Add New button. Once added/created, the item will display in the list below and is available to edit using the blue edit pen button. 

See the following article for more information on Training items:
Crew Records: Training Items



When personnel are added to a Program, all training items will immediately apply (unless specifically deactivated for the select personnel). Note: Personnel added to a Program that is applied to a specific crew position or aircraft type will be made available in the drop-down menu for those conditions. 

Add Personnel to Program

Go to: Crew Records > Programs > [select Program name] > Personnel tab. Select a Personnel name in the drop-down box or begin typing a name to filter the names shown. Once selected the personnel will be added to the Program and be displayed in the list below.  

Note: Personnel will display in alphabetical order by last name, then first name, then middle initial (if provided).

See the following article for more information on training item options for personnel: Crew Records: Training Items

Deactivate Personnel from Program

By selecting the yellow Deactivate button on the personnel entry the system will no longer run the training item checks nor have them available to crew under the program conditions.

Once deactivated, they will be available to view/reactivate by toggling to the Inactive button on the Personnel tab from within the Program. It is important to inactivate personnel no longer with the operation from training programs to maintain the data. 

Remove Personnel from Program

Select the red trash can button on the Personnel entry to remove them from a Program. 

Ref: C-P05

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