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Add and manage crew medicals
Add and manage crew medicals
Crew Medicals
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This article will show you how to:

  • Add Crew Medicals

  • Deactivate Crew Medicals

  • Uploading Crew Medicals


  1. Access the user profile you want to add the medical to.

  2. Click the "Crew Info" tab.

  3. Click "Add New" in the Medicals area.

  4. Enter all applicable information (The Default for the record defaults to Active)

  5. "Deactivate all other Medical Records" toggle allows to either keep all currently active medicals in their active status or deactivate all previously active ones. The default for this setting is NO.

    1. If the toggle is set to yes, then when the user saves the entry, all other Medical records for that personnel are removed as Active (made inactive).

    2. If the toggle is set to NO, then when the user saves the entry, all other Medical records retain whatever Active status they have saved, and no further changes are made.

  6. Select SAVE.

NOTE: The FAA 6 or 12 month drives the next due value automatically to the end of the month. ICAO calculates it to the day.

7. Once saved, upload a copy of the medical to the electronic record by selecting the Manage Files Icon, and adding the file location, and selecting Upload.

8. Once Upload has been selected, a Files modal will display offering you the option to:

  • create tags

  • create Effective and Expiration Dates

  • share the Document with others

  • relate the file

  • See this article for additional information regarding Upload, Share and Manage Files

9. Once the file has been uploaded, you will see the Manage File Icon display with the number 1.

Note: Active medicals display on the Crew Medical Summary Report in Crew Records > Reports.

Ref: C-P03

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