FRAT Setup
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The FRAT (Flight Risk Assessment Tool) allows an operation to customize the categories and items within each category that must be reviewed for each flight for compliance with SMS (Safety Management System). 

  1. Access Operations > Settings > FRAT

  2. Create the FRAT Categories first 

   2. Click "Create New"
   3. Enter the name of the category
   4. Click "Create"

Then, add FRAT Items

  1. Toggle to FRAT Items

   2. Click "Create New"
   3. Enter name, score and associate to a category previously created

  4. Click "Create"

FRAT Settings 

Set the FRAT dispatch threshold value, FRAT approval threshold value and whether to show the FRAT approval. When selecting "yes" to show FRAT approval, the "Approve" button exists in the trip for access to a pop-up where the specified reason for approval can be noted and marked approved. 

Refer to the Run the FRAT for a Flight Leg guide for details.

Ref: O-T05

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