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Search for airport when creating a quote or trip
Search for airport when creating a quote or trip
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This article shows you how to:

  • Search for an airport from a Quote or a Trip upon creation

  • How to designate the airport as the Arrival and/or Departure


When searching for an airport for your quote and/or trip you will first navigate to the Trip Search or Quote Search page. Next, from the create page click on the map icon here:

Then, select either Address or Airport from the toggle. The airport option is the default entry. You will then enter either the destination address or an airport identifier and click "Search".

Note: Additional search filters can be utilized by clicking the "Filters" option button next to Reset.

Once the map loads the yellow icon represents the location entered in the search and the blue icons show the airports within 75 nm of the address searched and are an AOA with at least a 4800 ft. runway.

Lastly, you will determine the optimal airport and click either "Set As Departure" or "Set As Arrival". If you do not need to look up any further locations you will then click the 'X' in the upper right-hand corner of the pop-up and the selections you made are now visible within the quote/trip.

Ref: O-T15

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