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TSA Vetting (Watchlist)
TSA Vetting (Watchlist)
No Fly, Selectee and Cleared Watchlist Vetting
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This article will cover:

  • Which roles have access to upload the Watchlist

  • What data points are pulled from the HSIN site

  • How to upload the Watchlist

  • How to Run the Watchlist for Personnel

  • How to Run the Watchlist for Trips


Users with Admin, TSA Administrator, Operation Manager, or the Crew Records role have access to the TSA Watchlist section of the application.

The TSA Administrator Role was created to specifically allow access to the TSA Watchlist area of the application. When a user has this role applied, they have access to the Operations > TSA Watchlist tab and they are able to utilize the full feature set within these tabs. If the user only has this role assigned to their login they will receive an access denied message if they attempt to navigate to other tabs within the Operations page.


Once the .CSV watch list files have been downloaded from the HSIN site to your device, go to the TSA Watchlist section to upload the lists into Avianis, vet the operation's personnel list and vet upcoming trips. The following checks are performed: 

First & Middle & Last
First, Middle & Last
First & Last
Title First & Last
First & Last Suffix
First without spaces & Last
First & Last without Spaces
Then all the same checks are complete again if the DOB is input into the profile. 


  1. Go to Operations > TSA Watchlist

2. On the TSA Watchlist Upload tab, select the group where the confirmation will be sent once the uploads are complete. If you don't have groups set up, go to My Company > General > Groups. Each individual within the selected group will receive the email confirmation. 

3. Click on "Upload File"

Choose the list type, list name, list date, select the file from your desktop and click "Upload"

Note: Do not close out the pop-up window while the file is being processed. Once the list is processed, it will close and the page will refresh.

It could take up to 60 minutes for the No-Fly list to import. The Selectee, Cleared, and Special lists will import in less time. You do have the option to continue uploading the remaining files and are not required to wait for the first list to finish uploading. Once the first file is completed, the next file in the queue will begin processing. Once you have uploaded all applicable lists the user is able to exit the TSA Watchlist page. 

After all, files are uploaded an email is provided confirming its success. Refresh or return to the TSA Watchlist page to see all statuses "Finished." 


  1. Go to Operations > TSA Watchlist 

2. Click on Personnel Vetting Tab and click on "Check Personnel"

All active personnel are run against the current list. Once run, click on Details next to the date ran to view the details of the Personnel Vetting. 

An email is sent to the group associated with the list upload that ran the check which includes all names that were checked, the lists they were checked against, and if any matches were found.

Example of email content: 


Vet a Passenger Manifest through the trip and through the TSA Watchlist > Upcoming Trips tab.

Passenger Manifest through a trip

  1. Access the trip that needs to be vetted.

  2. Either access the passenger tab to run the passenger list (Click "Run Watchlist") or access the watchlist section of the trip feasibility (Click "Check Manifest").

    Note: Crew members are not checked against the watchlist when run from the trip. The personnel list is separate (see above). 

If a potential match occurs, the name of the match will display in the Watchlist section (in Feasibility & Tools). Enter the contact's DOB into the Avianis record and recheck the manifest. If the DOB doesn't match, a message indicating that the DOBs are different will display. 

Note: If there is no DOB in the contact record, the message will express that the DOBs do not match.

If there is a hard match (Full Name and DOB), a critical message will display in the watchlist section of the Feasibility & Tools. 

Passenger Manifest through Upcoming Trips

  1. Go to Operations > TSA Watchlist. 

  2. Click on the Upcoming Trips tab

  3. Click Run Manifest. The results of the run are in the trip in the Feasibility & Tools. Note: The details of the run (who, when) are in the trip activity feed.

  4.  Click the Trip Number to access the trip. 

If you do not currently have access to the Watchlist, you will need to reach out to your local TSA Agent. See the link from NBAA with contact information for all 50 states.

Ref: O-T16

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