The following updates have been added to the mobile app:

  • Email Addresses 

  • Crew Contact Information

  • Flight Leg Regulation 

  • Input Partial Data into Flight Log

  • Modify Notes 

  • Bug Fixes



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Email Addresses 

Now quickly and easily send emails from the mobile app. When tapped, email addresses will launch the default email program for the device with the email address selected as the recipient.

Crew Contact Information

The crew members' cell phone number and email address are now available on the Flight Summary page on the mobile app. The information can be tapped to call or email. 

Flight Leg Regulation

Regulation now displays on the Flight Summary page in the mobile app. If a custom Regulatory Set is selected at the leg-level, that will display. If Regulatory Set is not selected, the Regulation for the flight/trip will display.

Input Partial Data into Flight Log

Users may now save partial data the mobile app Flight Log without Out, Off, On and In times. Input select information (i.e. fuel data) and save the log without affecting the tracking status of the aircraft on the Operations Dashboard. 

This is the first part of a phased update. The second phase, which is not yet available, will allow a user to input partial Out, Off, On and In values without affecting the tracking status of the aircraft on the Operations Dashboard. For example, a user may save the Out and Off times without entering the On and In. 

Modify Notes 

Notes may now be edited or removed in the mobile app from the Flight page > More > Notes. All note modifications are logged in the Activity Feed of the Trip. 



The following bugs / reported issues have been addressed in this mobile app maintenance update:

  • Duplicate flight legs in 'My Flights' has been resolved.

  • Passenger quantity not updating 'My Flights.'

  • Service detail instruction not fully displaying has been updated to show all the details.

  • The 'Arranged For' section in the service details now displays under the Crew Services and Passenger Services tabs. 

  • Pixelated mobile screen display has been corrected.

  • Newly created discrepancies will display without a refresh.

  • Discrepancies created without the 'Reported By' will now display.

  • The number of notes has been corrected to display the proper quantity if a note is removed or added. 

  • Permission to access the device's camera or camera roll has been updated to ask once. Once the user grants access, the pop-up will no longer appear. 

  • Users who have their device region set to the UK will no longer experience a crash upon logging in.  

  • When a trip has changed, downloaded files will now update without display's a device's storage.  When an internet connection is established, downloaded trip files will update.

  • Resolved an intermittent crash issue when a check-in log was removed. 

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