1. Click the "Add Crew" button for a specific leg or go to the Crew tab.

2. Select the position

Additional positions are available such as Flight Engineer, Medical and CSR. Once selected, begin searching for the name from the personnel list in the operation's account. No crew legality checks are run for the additional positions. 

3. Another drop down will appear which will allow you to select a qualified crew member for that aircraft type and position. The options in the drop down are driven by a few areas in the application (directly assigned in aircraft profile, aircraft and position specific training program, a vendor contact marked contract and/or an account contact marked pilot). If you want to apply the crew member to all of the legs, click the "Assign to All Legs" and click "Add." Or crew leg by leg by deselecting the check box and designate the legs the crew member needs to be assigned to. 

4. Once assigned, the crew members will display on the overview tab for each leg. If you click the crew names in the leg, it will bring you to the crew tab and expand that leg automatically.

5. To delete a crew member, go to the Crew tab and click the red minus button. It will ask you whether you want to remove them from just this leg or the trip as a whole.

Ref: O-T19

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