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Configure eAPIS and Submit Manifest
Configure eAPIS and Submit Manifest

This article will detail how to configure eAPIS and submit manifest.

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This article will cover:

  • Prerequisite to configuring eAPIS

  • How to setup APIS Accounts

  • How to Submit APIS

Avianis integrates with APIS allowing users to submit General Aviation Unscheduled operations. 


For private APIS submissions, you must send an email to with the following information in order to send manifests through Avianis.

For unscheduled commercial APIS submissions, you must send an email to with the following information in order to send manifests through Avianis. 

This email is a request to enable my eAPIS Sender ID to transmit APIS manifests through the Avianis product. My details are as follows: 

Company Name:
Contact Name:
eAPIS Sender ID:
Software Provider: Avianis

Setup APIS Accounts

  1. Go to Operations > Settings > eAPIS Accounts

  2. Click "Create New"

  3. Select the account type

  4. Enter the same credentials used to log into the eAPIS (Electronic Advanced Passenger Information System) website and all other fields and click "Save." The Sender ID must be in uppercase letters. If no emergency contact info is entered on the account setup, the submission pulls from the PIC's personnel profile. 

Note: Do not send test manifests. Once eAPIS is authenticated there is a direct feed to the CBP system.

Submit APIS

eAPIS submissions use the "Operated By" field set on each flight leg to determine what information to submit for the Operator.

  • If the certificate of the organization is selected, then it uses the eAPIS company information based on the eAPIS account selected to file.

  • If an Account is selected in the Operated by field, the submission uses the data for Operator from that account (these are the accounts that are tied to the aircraft; ie. Owners, not the account on the leg).

  • Once APIS has been submitted, the View All Submissions displays the information from the organization's account instead of the APIS account and the same validations are checked.

  1. Expand the eAPIS section of the feasibility in the trip in which you are submitting the manifest

  2. Click "Submit" next to the appropriate location. If submitting a US inbound or outbound, click "Submit USA." If submitting a Canadian inbound or outbound, click "Submit CAN." If submitting CARICOM, click the option to submit for the CARICOM country.

3. All of the passengers and crew will be listed in the popup.
4. Enter the border crossing
5. Select the applicable APIS account.
6. Designate the crew/pax address preference. Select to use different addresses for each passenger/crew, utilize the FBO address or use a custom address for everyone.
7. The travel documents designated in the Crew and Passengers section of the trip will be pulled over to the corresponding eAPIS filing, allowing individuals to use different travel documents on different legs. If no travel document is selected, the eAPIS filing will revert to the default travel document selection in the crew or contact profile. Users also have the ability to select the applicable travel documents for all Crew and Passengers in the eAPIS section itself.
8. Click Validate
Validating the submission looks for all required information for a successful submission. 

Note: When a Part 135 eAPIS is submitted, a random flight number is generated and included in the transmission. When an update is made after the initial transmission and needs to be re-submitted, it will display the flight number that was previously generated and the user can re-submit with it again or generate a new number altogether.

If items are missing a red x will appear by the crew/passenger. In that case the user can click the blue pencil icon to access the profile to update accordingly. A yellow warning icon is present when no travel document is selected. This will not occur on an outbound flight from the United States, a DHS-approved travel document is not required to leave the country. 

Note: if the regulation for any leg differs from the selected APIS account regulation, a warning will appear when Submit is clicked.

9. Once all passengers and crew have a green check mark click "Submit"

10. Once submitted the confirmation will display in the feasibility. The confirmation numbers are generated by CBP and indicate the manifests have been sent. You will also receive an email confirmation from Customs confirming the manifest was processed successfully with the same number included.

Note: Be sure to input pilot license in the personnel > travel documents section. The APIS drop down pulls from the travel documents section. Citizenship refers to the active travel document selected in the submission process, not the Citizenship field in the Overview tab of the profile.

Ref: O-T24

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