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Add Passengers to Manifest
Add Passengers to Manifest
This article will detail how to add existing and new contacts to manifest.
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This article will cover:

  • How to add existing contact(s) to manifest

  • How to add multiple existing contact(s) to manifest simultaneously

  • How to add new contact(s) to manifest

Add Existing Contacts to Manifest 

1. Access a trip

2.Click on the "Pax" tab

3. There are three drop downs for adding passengers to add existing contact(s):

  • Account Contacts: This drop down lists all contacts associated to the account(s) of the trip

  • All Contacts: This drop down contains all contacts within the database. The user must begin typing the name in the field to bring back results

  • Personnel Contacts: This drop down contains all personnel members from the organization that have been added to the database

4. When adding an existing contact as a passenger, click the applicable drop down and select the contact

5. Deselect the Assign to All Legs box to designate individual leg
6. Click Add to Trip

Note: Designate whether a leg is "Empty" by clicking the EMPTY button on the Pax tab, or by checking the Empty box within the trip overview tab. Once selected and adding passengers to the trip, they will not be added to any legs designated as empty.

The trip overview tab contains the empty leg designation icon.

Add Multiple Existing Contacts to Manifest Simultaneously

  1. Access a trip

  2. Click on the "Pax" tab

  3. Click in Account Contact, Find Contact or Select Personnel field. To make multiple selections, use Ctrl+Click for Windows OR Cmnd+Click for Macs to keep the drop down open and add multiple contacts from within the drop down at one time. Multiple contacts/personnel can be added across all three pax add fields

The multi-select feature is also available on each individual leg. When the contacts are selected and the Add button is pressed, then all of the contacts that are added/shown are added to that leg.

Note: When adding names individually, click each individual name and add them one by one. This will close the drop down between each addition

Application Considerations

Once a contact/personnel has been selected to add to the trip, the checkboxes to assign to each leg will appear. The default will auto check All Legs. The user is able to uncheck All Legs to remove all selections, or can chose to click on the specific legs to remove the passengers from, (this action will also uncheck the All Legs box). The user can check All Legs again to recheck all legs within the trip. If a flight leg is designated as Empty, the All Legs check box will automatically uncheck the boxes for all applicable legs.

The passengers will be added to the Account Contact, Find Contact or Select Personnel fields as a blue chip. Any passengers can be removed individually prior to adding to the trip by clicking the “x” located on the blue chip. When Add to Trip is clicked, all of the contacts that are added/shown are added to the legs that are selected, with the purpose provided, if not provided it will be display N/A.

Add New Contacts to Manifest

1. Access the Pax tab in the trip

2. Click on New Contact

3. Enter information for all relevant fields (make sure to select an account) and click Create. The contact will be added to the manifest and to the account specified.

See also:

Ref: O-T21

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