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An operation is able to customize their trip stages to assist in defining internal processes. To learn how to customize the stage access Configure trip stages, leg statuses and hard stops.

  1. Access the trip that requires a stage change. 

  2. Expand the trip feasibility by clicking the plus button. If the "Skip Pending Stage for Booked Quotes" is set to no when a quote is booked into a trip, the trip will be in the pending status. A trip in the pending status displays gray on the calendar. The pending status can be used as a placeholder on the calendar for all departments to be aware of the "potential" trip. 

3. Click the drop down and select the applicable stage. Stages are assigned an order number. They will display in the sequential order. 

Once the stage is successfully changed, it will display the stage name in the trip feasibility, by the trip number as well as in the list of trips and it will display the applicable stage color on the calendar. 

Ref: O-T22

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