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Configure Canadian eAPIS
Configure Canadian eAPIS
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Operators must be approved through CBSA prior to submitting eAPIS. In order to initial the approval testing process, please reach out to API/PNR Program Support (APPS) from 08:00 - 16:00 ET Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, through one of the following methods:

Phone (24/7/365): 1-866-427-4767 (toll-free within Canada and the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii – does not include U.S. territories);

Phone (24/7/365): 1-613-941-2800 (international callers, charges apply); or

During the testing process, users will need to set their CBSA APIS account to not approved in Avianis (see below) to ensure transmissions go to the CBSA test environment.

The feed of data from Avianis to CBSA is in email method in PAXLST format.

Enter login credentials

  1. Go to Operations > Settings > eAPIS Accounts

  2. Click "Create New"

  3. Select the CBSA account type

  4. Select whether this is an approved account or not (during the testing/approval with CBSA, this would set to No and moved to Yes once approval is granted). 

  5. Enter company information including email (this must be one of the approved email addresses that your organization has setup with CBSA to submit from) and click "Save"

    Note: If no emergency contact info is entered on the account setup, the submission pulls from the PIC's personnel profile. 

Note: If you are in the testing/approval process with CBSA make sure your CBSA APIS account is set to not approved. Once it is set to Yes for Approved, there is a direct feed to the CBSA system.

The email addresses are:

Submission is the same as the US eAPIS, and can be done through the feasibility. For a more detailed review please refer to the US eAPIS procedure linked below. 

Requirements and Timing of Data Transmissions

Advance Passenger Information (API)

Passengers are uniquely identified within advance passenger information (API) data submissions by a Unique Passenger Reference (UPR) created by the commercial air carrier. This reference is used within both the automated and the manual unsolicited board/no-board message from the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).

Complete Crew API data is required for all inbound flights at a minimum of one hour prior to flight departure. The UPR and PNR locator are not required for crew members. Transmission of crew API results in an acknowledgement message sent from the CBSA.

Please note: Crew API do not result in interactive board/no-board messages.

IAPI (Inbound) Timing

Passenger API prior to departure (normally at check-in): 

  • Full passenger API data prior to the flight’s departure for Canada.

  • If any data element changes for a passenger then the commercial air carrier must resubmit the full data for the affected passenger.

  • Note: the commercial air carrier is not required to provide a full API data submission of all passengers at the time of departure, because each individual passenger’s API has already been provided. 

Crew API: 

  • A minimum of one hour prior to the flight’s time of departure. 

Close Out and Cancelled Flight Messages

A close-out message for all inbound flights is required to be sent to the CBSA within 30 minutes after the flight’s actual time of departure. This message includes the flight details and, for each passenger on board and UPR.

Close-Out message:

  • Must be sent to the CBSA within 30 minutes after the flight’s actual time of departure.

  • This message contains flight details and a final list of UPRs for all passengers that are physically on board the aircraft departing for Canada.

Cancelled Flight Message:

  • If the CBSA has received information for a specific flight and that flight is no longer scheduled to arrive in Canada, a cancelled flight message is required to be sent to the CBSA.

  • Note: This is the only message that applies to crew-only flights. 


If a Cancelled Flight has been submitted to the CBSA, and the flight and/or passenger reservation is reinstated, the commercial air carrier/service provider must provide a new, full API data submission.

Ref: O-T26

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